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Keep the kickstarter kickin!!

November 20th, 2011

Keep the kickstarter kickin!

So now thanks to kickstarter and our wonderful friends and supporters we now have enough money to print these CDs and DVDs! Yay! Thanks to everyone who has been helping so much with spreading the word and with the generous donations! When we chose our kickstarter goal we were very worried about making too high of a goal since if we were to fall even one dollar short, we would not get even a penny. We just factored in the most basic and immediate of needs.

We still need help though! Please keep spreading the word about the kickstarter! We would love to keep this kickstarter momentum rolling!

We have been chastised many times for our lack of website. If we can keep the donations rolling in we can hopefully have enough money to set up a real website and also have a budget to hire a publicist and buy some ads to get this project released in a really professional way!

Thanks y’all!

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