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Rubin Museum Show in New York City

March 24th, 2011

Thanks so much for all the folks that came out to see our film and concert at the beautiful Rubin Museum in New York. Also a big thank you to the folks at the museum who were such a delight to work with and keep that really amazing place running so smoothly. If you have never been to the Rubin Museum make sure to check it out!

Also humble apologies to so many folks who came out to the show or tried to buy tickets the day of the show, but couldn’t get any because it was sold out.

It is so great to have so much interest in our project, but at the same time we felt so bad seeing just how many people did get turned away at the door. I included at the right the flier some folks sadly saw that stated that no more seats were available…

Seeing how great the interest in New York is, we will try to arrange to have another showing in New York City in the future. Stayed tuned. 🙂

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