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Help Support Traditional Karen Music from Burma

July 5th, 2010

While our film is making the festival rounds, and while we’re looking for ways to get the DVD and music CD into the eyes and ears of our fans, we thought we’d take a moment to try and help out a friend of ours, who’s also working with traditional musicians.

Gregory Scarborough and his organization Cultural Cornerstones, are have been working along the Thai-Burma border with traditional Karen musicians, many of whom are refugees fleeing the oppressive regime in Burma/Myanmar. Greg has been working on a CD of the musicians he’s met and he’s hoping to get it out there to the public with a little help from Kickstarter. We hope you’ll pay a visit and maybe drop some change in his hat.

MMP is doing some work with Karen musicians as well. You can check out a few recordings of their wonderful instruments here, and stay tuned for future multimedia projects with this unique musical culture.

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