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Sarangi Day 2009 and Gandharba Music Teachers

October 16th, 2009

Well folks, Sarangi Day 2009 couldn’t have gone better. With performances from Hum Bahadur, the Samundra Band, Bartha Gandharba, Buddhiman, Check Bahadur from Lamjung, and Akal Bahadur and Gopilal Gandhari (below) from Gorkha, the music really shined this year. Hats off to Mangal Gandhari, Buddha Gandharba, and several volunteers from the Gandharba Cultural & Arts Organization for putting together such a good show.

We also screened the Nepali-language version of our film, with a really great response. It was really exciting to hear the Nepali audience laughing out loud at the funny moments, and I had several comments that really made me feel like we told the story of both the Virginian and Nepali musicians in a way that made both sides proud of their culture. Now, we bring it home to the Americans.

Last year we began helping a few of our Gandharba friends by getting them hired as music teachers at local orphanages and other homes which care for and educate underprivileged kids. Here’s a few shots from the Ghar Sita Mutu home, where our friend Buddhiman is now teaching traditional Nepali music to the children.

We’re doing similar work at the Mitrata House, where Ms. Nanda Kulu cares for about 40 children and where MMP is providing musical instruments and funding for a dance teacher for the upcoming year. This opportunity to help keep traditional music alive in Nepal and aiding the education of these kids couldn’t make us feel happier.

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  2. By Nepali sarangi dhun on Oct 17, 2009

    wow its great idea and looks great project to enrich those folks of Nepal. I don't know who really behind the scene but wel done in part of those gandarva's side. i love those sarangi tunes. it is so heart sarangi playing in videos at
    we request all of you readers adn players of sarangi to upload your videos for free in this site as well.

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