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Sarangi Day Concerts in Kathmandu

February 20th, 2008

Come one, come all…Not one but two concerts Thursday February 28th. The first event begins at 1PM at the Russian Cultural Center, Kamal Pokhari. There’ll be guest speakers, researchers presenting their work, and more importantly, several of the old-school musicians from the hills of Palpa, Gorkha, and eastern Jyapa will be performing onstage. This first event is mainly for Nepalis, but all are welcome.

In the evening, starting at 7PM, the North Palace Restaurant will host the second event, for our tourist friends. Admission is 400 Nrp and gets you a drink and vegetarian thakali buffet, as well as an evening of authentic Nepali folk music and some good karma for helping out the GCAO (and since so many people are asking, we’ll have some of those embroidered MMP t-shirts for sale too).

Local Bideshis: We’re looking for some volunteers to help out with the concert here in Kathmandu. Please call Jake: +977 980 368 2306 or email us: mountainmusicproject at gmail dot com.

I’m so proud of the Gandharbas who have really come together to make Sarangi Day work. We hope you can join us…

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