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July 17th, 2007

Not too long ago we got Paul Brown (whom many of you have heard reading the news on NPR) to come out and put some clawhammer banjo on the recording project. He did a great job and said that learning and playing on the Nepali song was surprisingly like Appalachian Old-Time. He said the music on the project was not only fascinating, but sounded really great too.

Then just this last week while Danny and I were teaching bluegrass music at McDaniel College’s “Common Ground” program, we had a chance to work and perform with Tony Trischka. In case there is anyone out there who might not know, he is a phenomenal player as well as a really nice guy. We told him about Gandharbas and the Mountain Music Project, and he was really interested in the music. We played him some of the project so far and he volunteered to put a finger-style banjo track on the project. He is such a master of his instrument and such a respected musician, we are really happy to have him on board. This CD is going to be a landmark album introducing the music of the Gandharbas to the world of traditional style music in the United States.

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