Music Education in Nepal

While working on our film and recordings in Nepal, we noticed two problems:

1) Musicians from the Gandharba caste had no meaningful, steady employment

2) Nepali folk music was quickly being replaced by foreign-influenced music

With support from our generous donors, we began a program that helps to solve these problems, and, we hope, helps to keep traditional Nepali folk music alive for coming generations, while providing music education in a way that places value on homegrown Nepali traditions and musical opportunity for underprivileged youth.

In 2009, we began hiring musicians from the Gandharba caste to work as teachers in some of Kathmandu’s many orphanages and youth centers.  We choose both our teachers and orphanages after careful research and consideration, and provide a mutually beneficial arrangement that benefits both the kids and the teachers.  Today, we’re proud to tell you that this program now provides instruments and weekly lessons at the following homes for orphans and disadvantaged youth:

Ghar Sita Mutu

Child Haven

Bright Futures Community Center

Freedom Children’s Welfare Center

Umbrella Foundation

SOS School

Mitrata House

If you’d like to support these efforts, we welcome your tax-deductible donations, which directly affect how many teachers we can hire for the coming year.

You can donate via Paypal


Or send a check (made out to “Tundra Club”) to:

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